Monument In Calatafimi

After our visit to the Stato Civile in Calatafimi, touring the museum for Garibaldi & walking around the town, cousin Bernardo had another place for me to see.

We drove out into the mountainous countryside around Calatafimi. As we were driving up a mountain, a camper was coming down the mountain road. Bernardo waved his arm out the window & the camper stopped.  My cousin was always doing this. So, now he & the other driver, who was from Germany, where Bernardo lives, carried on a conversation from the vehicles, for about a half hour. 

While this was going on, I watched the cattle graze, took photos of the flowers & enjoyed the views.









The only reason Bernardo stopped talking was because another car was trying to get down the mountain!!!!!!!! 

We continued our drive up the mountain to our destination – Ossario Pianto di Romano.   It is a breathtaking monument on the hill where the Battle of Calatafimi took place against the Bourbon soldiers and a tribute to all of young partisans, who were known as Garibaldi’s Freedom Fighters.  [I recently read the book “My Life” by Giuseppe Garibaldi where he tells the story of the origins of the freedom fighters & their journey. A great book!]



I was surprised that Bernardo took me there, as he had been complaining for days that I spent too much time at the cemetery & inquiring into records for our ancestors!!

From this vantage point I was also able to take a panoramic photo of the whole town of Calatafimi!! 


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