My last full day in Castellammare del Golfo

Up at 6:00am. Walked to the Corso and had cappuccino & a wonderful tort at Café Cucece this morning, as Cafe Garibaldi is closed. Plus I bought some sweets for Maria later today.  I watched the construction crew work on the building renovation and was sad to see the swallows still flying around looking for their nests.

Swallow nests under a balcony
Swallow nests were destroyed during renovation.





After breakfast I walked down the Corso, over the bridge to the castle and beyond and took more photos.

Water View from Piazza Vincenzo Santangelo
Piazza Vincenzo Santangelo





Harbour View from Piazza Vincenzo Santangelo
Lost at Sea Memorial in Piazza Vincenzo Santangelo









Then went to Plaza Europa to the fruit vendor for strawberries. Afterwards, I  saw the fruit vendor truck and purchased peaches for Maria.

Plaza Europa fruit vendor
Traveling Fruit Vendor






Went shopping for a few souvenirs along the way and saw a small shop that caught my eye, as it had large lighthouses out front. It is Sikelia Sicilian Souvenir Shop and the manger is a wonderful young man named Leonardo.

Leonardo and Cristina at their shop Sikelia







 His surname is the same as my cousin Maria’s maiden name and I asked, as all genealogists do, if they were related.  He said no, but aren’t we all related in some way?  A very wise young man. It was a pleasure talking to him. 

I saw Bernardo and he was on his way to go swimming. He asked if I was packed and ready for my return home. NO!

My next stop was to Maria’s for lunch with her & Renzo – macaroni with zucchini sauce and tomatoes, then grilled potatoes and lamb, fruit (those wonderful blackberries) and peaches, cookies (including arancia). TDF!! While eating the pasta (which Maria handmakes fresh everyday), I closed my eyes as I was enjoying the flavors!! Maria thought I needed to sleep (dormire is what I heard). I laughed and told Renzo to please tell Maria that lunch was wonderful and I was in heaven, savoring every bite!! We all laughed!!! I spent most of the afternoon with them. It was a joy to be there. 

Walking back to the B&B, I stopped at the Villa Margherita (Comunale) and took more photos there & along the way.  

View of the harbour from Villa Comunale
Banyan tree in Villa Comunale
Gardens inside the Villa Comunale
Monument inside the Villa Comunale













Plus, since Vernaci is right across the street from the Villa Comunale, I had to stop at Vernaci for a delicious gelato!!

When I arrived back at the B&B, I saw Felice, his parents and my cousin Maria Elena (Felice’s wife). They stopped by the wish me “Buon Giornato”.

Another wonderful day!! I’m sad to be leaving.

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  1. Fantastica, ti sei goduta tutta la giornata minuto per minuto. Comunque devi essere una buona forchetta!!!!

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