2 Requests To Photograph Gravestones Were Sent to Sindaco Coppola

Now I started thinking again, which is not a good thing for those on the receiving end.  As I mentioned before, my great-grandfather was buried in the Cimitero Comunale in 1934 but there was no listing for him in the office Registry Books.

Cimitero Comunale (Via Euclide – 91014Castellammare Del Golfo(TP))

Yes, I know, time and poor paper preservation in addition to the wars contributed to records being lost and/or destroyed. But, I wondered how many people were buried in the cemetery and are not listed in the registry books? Plus, now I have two more great uncles who died and I don’t know where they are buried. Or have they already been exhumed?
So, I wrote to my friend Enzo and my cousins Salvatore and Felice for their opinion of an idea that was stirring around in my head.

Hello Salvatore, Enzo, and Felice,

Every day I thank God for cousin Maria who showed Bernardo and I the grave of our great-grandfather, as the cemetery had NO record of him being buried there. So, I started to do some research into cemeteries in CdelG.

There are websites such as Find-A-Grave that allows one to search for death information and photos of gravestones. In fact, I belong to a genealogy society that has photographed all the gravestones in our county (https://irgs.org/cemeteryRecords.php ).

I have searched the internet and I do not find any listing for any cemetery in Castellammare del Golfo.  So, now again I am seeking advice. I am wondering if the town of CdelG would allow me to begin a project of photographing all the gravestones. In addition, I would need from the cemetery a map of the land and the plots. Do you think this is possible?? 

Enzo composed the first letter, I signed it and he hand delivered it to the Mayor’s (Sindaco) office in October. There was no reply as the Mayor was on vacation, in Brooklyn, NY of all places.

I did not receive a reply and decided that the Mayor needed to understand why I was requesting this project, so I composed another letter and included my family tree chart.

2nd Letter to Sindaco Coppola

The Mayor of Castellammare del Golfo
Corso Bernardo Mattarella, 24
91014 Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani, Italy

19 November 2017

 Dear Mr. Coppola,

My name is Celia Milano. I am the great-granddaughter of Lorenzo Milano and Anna Galatioto, and Giuseppe Maria Vivona and Angelina Giliberti who lived and raised their families in Castellammare del Golfo.  I am also the family genealogist. Please see the attached chart.

Recently my friend Enzo Filogamo was very kind and delivered a letter to your office from me. You must be wondering “Why is this woman requesting permission to see the land plans for the cemetery and to photograph the graves?”

It is a tribute to those people who have lived, worked, raised families and died in your town.  In addition, it will be a family history record for those, like me, seeking any information regarding their ancestors.

In May 2016, I visited with my cousin Maria Ciarvino Milano and met more new cousins.  During this time, I went to the Cimiterio Comunale to visit the grave of my great-grandfather Lorenzo Milano and other relatives. I took photos of some of the graves and they now reside on the website Find-A-Grave. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/183771434/lorenzo-milano#

In addition, to documenting cemetery stones, my hope is also to photograph the postings of notification of exhumation.

I thank you in advance for your consideration of this project.


Future Plan of Action

It is now January 2018 and hopefully, I will hear from the Mayor soon.  If not, I will still travel to Castellammare del Golfo to visit friends, family and to photograph the gravestones.  I know I will need and seek the help to gain access to the Exhumation Postings, that cousin Maria had mentioned last year.

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