Imagine My Surprise!!

I was waiting for notification via email from Marias Fiorista that cousin Maria received my flowers.  Imagine my surprise when I saw an email from Salvatore Milano! 

Salvatore, whom I have yet to meet, is the youngest son of cousin Maria and Lorenzo who lives in Pisa, has a construction business and has 2 sons, Lorenzo and Juri.   

Salvatore Milano

He wanted to thank me for the Family History book I left for him at his Mom’s house. He read through it and had some corrections. I mentioned to him that the information was obtained from his Dad, Lorenzo, through a series of letters, which I attached to the email. He was happy that I corresponded with his Dad who contributed to my knowledge of the family.

Salvatore also told me that we missed each other at the airport!! What??? I left early in the morning and he arrived early afternoon. No one had mentioned to me that Salvatore was on his way to visit!!!!

He also wanted to inform me that his brother Renzo was having health issues and was in the hospital. I asked if Maria needed help and if so, I would travel back to Sicily.

Over a series of emails, I learned that Renzo had a successful heart surgery. He has similar heart issues as my Dad, Lorenzo (a.k.a. Larry), my older sister Laurette, my younger sister Sarah, my brother and myself. It still surprises me that unknown family members halfway across the world are still linked via DNA.  

I also mentioned the highlights of my trip and the family history that I learned during my visit to Castellammare del Golfo and Calatafimi. Our conversation is still ongoing, especially regarding our Great-Grandfather, Lorenzo Milano.