Finally!! My Long Awaited Trip – Part 2


Breakfast (café normale & a pistachio cornetto) at Café Garibaldi where I met a gal & her Mom. After introductions, I learned that she works with refugees in northern Italy. Her Mom is French, married an Austrian & divorced. They asked why I was here & I showed them my paternal family chart & my book. They were fascinated. The gal said she knows nothing of her father’s family & maybe she should start asking questions. They’re here for 4 days, a long weekend.

Word has gone out that my family is from here & I am researching my roots. So now, folks are stopping by the café as they are interested in seeing my family tree chart & the book.

Bernardo met me on the Corso. He knew I was researching both family trees & tracked down a Vincenzo Vivona, who we met at another café on the other side of town.

Signore Vincenzo Vivona
Signore Vincenzo Vivona

Vincenzo is from another branch of the Vivona’s & gave me his sister’s name & address in Brooklyn, as she may know more info.

Along the drive, we saw lots of motorcycles & heard that there was going to be a blessing of the helmets.

We drove out to cousin Lorenzo’s vineyard. I was very sad to hear that the vineyard was sold as my sister Laurie & I had many happy times there. 

The Vineyard in 1999
The Vineyard in 1999

Bernardo said cousin Maria was waiting at his house, so he drove us there, saw Maria & Vincenza. Maria reminded me that I was invited to dinner today.  She’s such a lovley lady. She said we will go to the cemetery during the week to show us where our great-grandfather is buried.

We left with Maria & drove to both marinas – Alcamo & CdelG. The CdelG marina was packed with cars & you couldn’t get through – unreal – La passeggiata Domenica. So we walked.


Dinner at Maria’s – OMG – what a feast – homemade pasta, salad, grilled meat, potatoes & zucchini, plus many dolce.  I kept closing my eyes while eating & Maria thought I needed to sleep. I told her that I was in heaven & savoring each bite. Nothing like homemade spaghetti!!!   What a day!!!!!  

Maria's homemade spaghetti
Maria’s homemade spaghetti
More dolce - Berries
More dolce – Berries
Maria cooking dinner
Maria cooking dinner

I decided to walk back to the B&B so I could begin to digest that wonderful meal.